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Updated March 28, 2016

I just wanted to write and tell you that I spoke to the kindest and most professional person anyone could ask to speak to.  She answered the phone at the Haverhill career center, gave me detailed information and was so helpful and kind I became very emotional due to her kindness.

I don't think anyone wants to live like this, no job, no money, no anything.  Looking for anyway to make your ends somehow meet and make a future trying to reinvent yourself to fit into the new world economy. So I just wanted to say thank you and to let someone know that DCS has an employee who is professional, knowledgeable and on top of all that kind and concerned for her fellow human beings


I lost my job and applied for unemployment insurance.  The Unemployment office told me I was required to attend an unemployment “information session” to be eligible for benefits, so I attended the session at Valley Works Career Center in Lawrence.


Honestly, I thought it would be a complete waste of time.  Your session was incredibly useful from start to end, and presented all sorts of useful information, techniques and points of emphasis.  So comprehensive with details regarding resumes, networking, job training, benefits, “do’s and don’ts”, job fairs, links to job search engines and that’s just the start.  Everyone should know about the resource room where you can take advantage of computers,  internet access, phones and knowledgeable personnel. 


I don’t impress easy, but was impressed from the very beginning, and still am. 


Thankfully, I’m back working again, but wanted to thank you for what you do! I’m sure I not the only person you’ve helped!


Many thanks,

Mike Blanchard

My counselor was very helpful and a great resource.  I was really impressed with the way staff really seemed to care.  The staff was very courteous and knowledgeable.  The services provided here are absolutely necessary in todays job market.

VWCC is the main reason why I’m working.  Thank You!

I have been employed in a very good company.  I am very happy and wish there were more programs like yours.  I would refer anyone who needs assistance to the center.  Everyone there is awesome. With the services provided at VWCC one could be employed in a timely manner.

I wanted to write you to let you know that I have been involved in regular job seeking services, professional networking events, computer classes and the resource room.  And all the services have been excellent.  Your front desk staff are very friendly, confidential and professional.  I feel so much more independent with my many computer skills now.  You run a wonderful center.

I thank and congratulate your entire team for all your efforts to help me collect the much needed UI benefits while I complete my teacher training internship.

The Summer Youth Program has been a great help to us.  Both of the workers that we employed have really come “out of their shell” from this experience.  Both youth feel valued by having responsibilities.

Thank you for your honest, blunt and motivating input with every networking session.  You kept me going and focused.


I am absolutely delighted with the programs at Valleyworks.  I want to thank all the staff for the leads and assistance you are offering me to secure employment.  I am beginning to feel hopeful.

Thank you so much for being so wonderful and friendly. 


I was satisfied with all the assistance I was given.  If I need help with getting a job again Valleyworks would be my first choice.

My first impression of the career center was outstanding.  The staff welcomed me and thoroughly explained all the centers services.  I found the handouts to be very helpful.  I am looking forward to taking some of the workshops.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the hard work which was necessary to put on the recruitment event.  This was the finest event I have attended but I assure you I will attend more.  I appreciate the extra effort you provide to find the answers to my questions.  It shows real commitment.

I want to thank and commend the Valleyworks team for putting together such a great job fair.  Having gone to half a dozen or so events this was by far the best organized.

From a DOE provider:  I knew that everyone in attendance at the workshop came away with a positive view of the services that are provided by the Valleyworks Career Center.  Your staff was well prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her topic.  She presents her material in a language and manner that is interesting and inspiring to her audience.  Many of those in attendance will now be moved to connect with the career centers in their own regions.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your job fair.  It was such a lively event.  Job seekers and employers appeared to have been very busy throughout the day.

Thanks for all the help that was given to me at Valleyworks from setting up the training program, reviewing my resumes and the job search and interview tips.

Staff were very helpful on both starting my unemployment claim and becoming a Valleyworks member.

Thank you for your support and continued communications regarding job opportunities.

Your staff is very respectful and pleasant to talk to. They made me feel very comfortable explaining my circumstances.  They were all very understanding and helpful.

I would like to emphasize how productive it was meeting with an employment specialist and how extremely valuable to me personally. 

The staff was very informative and respectful of my needs.  A vast improvement over when I was here back in the 80's

I am grateful for all the help my counselors gave me.  Any time I had and issue or a question they were there to guide me.

Had another great interview today.  I think this one will pay off.  I really enjoyed the workshop on interviewing skills.  Thank you so much for making it easy to participate in a well served class.


VWCC is a very helpful center.  The information and the time they provided to assist me was reasonable.  The staff is very polite and professional.

Thank you ever so much for all the help and support you have given me in the past.  I enjoyed all of the workshops so much. Whenever the opportunity comes up, I just rave about them.

I feel VWCC is very good.  I am satisfied and appreciate all the assistance offered me by the Center.

The OJT program is an excellent opportunity for our company to continue to employ individuals in the Lawrence HUB Zone.  The program funding provides us with the opportunity to train job seekers by giving them employment opportunities that would not be available without the program.

I want to thank you very much for your help with my resume.  You were so adapt at working my resume to reflect my skills and credentials.  I am happy to say that I was hired for a position today.

My Career Service Advisor was a real life saver.  Her support and assistance were valuable in assisting me to manage my job search and assist with my final offer of employment.

Working with your staff was a wonderful pleasure.  The office environment is pleasant, the literature I received was very helpful and the staff is wonderful.  Every person I have interviewed with has been kind, professional and supportive.  I congratulate you on having such a well run office.

I was very impressed in how the Career Services Representative attended to my needs in a professional and straight forward manner.  I appreciate all the services that she offered me.

All my counselors in Lawrence and Haverhill were great.  I am enjoying my new career and am continuing my education.

I am very satisfied with the help I received. I will always be grateful for their help.

I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. This made my visits to VWCC less stressful and more relaxing, in turn making it easier to achieve my goal of finding a job.

Thank you for arranging the Job Shadow Day for our students. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about potential careers. The matches with employers were very well thought out and appropriate for everyone.

I am extremely impressed with the services offered at the VWCC. People were friendly and informative and there were plenty of valuable workshops to sign up for.

VWCC helped me a real lot. I am now a Certified Medical Assistant with a good job and good wages.

Super staff, it exceeded all of my expectations.

Thanks to the Career Center workshop providers, networking contacts, friends and reference people who provided support during the recent job search. I welcome your continued messages and the opportunity to provide insights, ideas, or morale support to other involved in the employment search.

I was very impressed with the obvious professionalism of the VWCC team and look forward to continuing to do business with you for the common goal of employing as many people as possible from the area.

I came to the VWCC with low expectations and was presently surprised to learn about all the services available for professionals. The orientation session provided an excellent overview of the services. I was also very fortunate to attend a networking for professional's workshop the same day which provided me additional insights into the job search process. Your entire staff from the reception area to every counselor I worked with was motivated and eager to help. It was apparent to me as a customer that they really enjoyed their jobs.

The VWCC was very instrumental in getting not only myself but many other employees from my prior company approved for TRADE assistance. I also received good help with my resume.

Everyone at the VWCC was wonderful. They were very professional, courteous and very caring. They are a terrific staff of workers.

I will say that the Lawrence office has many great resources to assist with this major task!  I'm grateful to be able to access them. 

Sincerely, Deb 

Thank you for all your assistance. The skills I obtained attending Merrimack Valleyworks workshops, and the care in which the staff handled my needs, was without a doubt a strong contributing factor to me landing a job so quickly. I am extremely grateful. I will be sure to keep in touch and let you know how my career progresses. Sincerely, Jeffrey Salerno

I wanted to let you know that I found a job working for the state of New Hampshire in the environmental field, based in large part on my past experience.  The new job is based in Concord and involves working with industry to maintain acceptable air quality.  My previous jobs were for consultants - now as a regulator, I'm on the other side of the fence.  I've been there just over a month and it is going very well.  While the pay is not the same as in consulting, there is certainly less day-to-day pressure and the benefits are great.  I am very appreciative of all the assistance and guidance provided by you and others at ValleyWorks in my nearly two-year long job search.  While I could not regularly attend your Networking for Professionals meetings, those meetings were key to keeping me on track and motivated.  Thanks again for your efforts!  John McCutcheon

Hello I want to thank you for sending me the e-mail to go for the CNA work shop at Lawrence General I went this morning interviewed with a very nice lady and she gave me a position for 3-11 at night mad excited I start Aug 1 so thank you once again appreciate it so much.

I have attended several of the workshops at the ValleyWorks Career Centers in Lawrence and Haverhill.  I am so grateful for the information shared.  I know my resume and cover letters have improved significantly.  I have also gained a great amount of confidence through this process.  One of most recent workshops I attended was the Interviewing Techniques with Judy Junker.  The next day I had a second interview with an employer hiring for a position open at a well known major local company.  The interview went a lot better than most that I have had in the past.  I felt really good about that alone.  Before I left the person I interviewed with commented to me that my resume was really outstanding.  The interviewer told me "It really says a lot about you"  in a most positive way and "You really should be a resume writer!"  I was so surprised and pleased to hear such great praise but I could not have had nearly the resume I had without the information I received at the career center.  Resume Writing Beyond Basics and Resume Assistance were the other workshops that were also very helpful to me.  Thank you so much!!!

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to all of you, as well as the support staff and those I do not know about, regarding my training application.  Even if I had not been approved for training funds, you all go out of your way to assist people through the processes of becoming employable.

I look forward to keeping in touch.

Hi Lynne,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The search is finally over and yes I did finally land a job thanks to the unemployment advantages, However I did not pass my LCSW exam.  Nevertheless; when one door closed another one opened.  If you recall last time I emailed you back on a response re: a follow up.  I mention that I was interviewing for a job in Boston, which I did 5 different times. I did get that job.  My actual start date was the 12th of September.  I found this position on one of the job seeking site known as Indeed.com. I am very excited the agency, and all the staff are great.  Although I am not getting the salary I was receiving when I left my last position the benefit's and the sanity far outweigh a few lesser dollars.  Again landing this position was all due to the assistance and benefit's of VWCC.  Thanks so much I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with and receiving all the help and support from such a wonderful agency as VWCC.   Being unemployed can be very depressing but it doesn't have to be if one utilizes the opportunities that unemployment has to offer especially VWCC which by far although I don't have another unemployment agency to compare or measure the difference, but just given the war stories I heard over the years from other people I can only say that VWCC works very hard at working for the less fortunate who are jobless. From the career counselors to the front desk staff I was always treated with the utmost patience and kindness and let me not forget the Professionalism, which too was great. I was so surprised given this day and age of budget cuts and restraints that I could even find work in my field as a Social worker/Human services.   So again thank you, thank you, thank you.  So I am so glad that you emailed me before to much time goes by.  Taking this breather felt good!  I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

Hi Chuck

 Information regarding job fairs and recruitments.

 Thanks for all of this information you have been forwarding to me, it has been extremely helpful.  I usually share this information with our in-house Career Counselor, Ellen Mahoney....would it be possible to add her to your list so she get it directly from you as well? PLEASE leave me on your list as I mentioned, it is all very helpful for me...thanks.

 Lisa Berube

Cooperative Education Liaison

Greater Lawrence Technical School

We were extremely impressed with the staff at the Lawrence ValleyWorks Career Center during our two day recruitment event. The turnout for the event was fantastic (well over 100 job seekers) and we realized this was difficult to manage the logistics involved.  Staff were working right by our side to help us and keep things moving.  We also had staff to assist with the translation of the job seekers who could not speak English.  Even the IT department assisted us with making the transition work smoothly by making easy access for customers to use the laptops. 

A huge thank you to all the staff who lent a helping hand to us over those two days.  We already placed two people to work this morning and expect to place many more.

CoWork Staffing

Thomas G. Gainan

October 8, 2011

The Hon. Deval Patrick Governor of Massachusetts

Massachusetts State House, Room 280

Boston, MA 02133

Dear Gov. Patrick,

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding help that the ValleyWorks Career Center of the MA Department of Employment and Training provide to job seekers.

After my job loss in March, my self-confidence disappeared. ValleyWorks gave my career search the jump-start it needed. I had not been in the job market for eight years, and I quickly found out how much things have changed. During my "free agency," I participated in many VW workshops including online job applications, advanced resume writing, tailoring cover letters to answer job postings, and "marketing your maturity" for those of us over 50. I went through a "mock interview" with two of the VW career specialists who helped me correct mistakes I made after not having interviewed in eight years.

Most helpful were their weekly "Networking for Professionals" featuring guest speakers from industry as well as interactive exercises in which we job seekers helped each other. One expert speaker guided us in optimizing the on-line LinkedIn Networking Site, scoring me many important career contacts and several interviews.

I also attended and made contacts at three ValleyWorks sponsored job fairs. During my intense search, every single ValleyWorks specialist proved to be a true professional, going above and beyond the call of duty. I must thank everyone, especially Cindy Key, Lillian McGinty and Judy Junker.

I am happy to report that I've now been working as an Information Assurance Engineer with the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton for three months, and hope to have a long career there.

The ValleyWorks Career Center provides job seekers with great services in these times of high unemployment. I think it is a very cost-effective program for putting people of all ages and career fields of life back to work.


Thomas G. Gainan


I wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you about some great people you have working at Valleyworks.  I was laid off in September, at the age of 44, after 22 years of employment.  Even though I did HR at my company I found myself lost at how to proceed.  My first visit to Valleyworks I was called in by Linda Ruiz.  She was incredibly kind, patient and reassuring. Her eyes even smiled. She made me feel comfortable. She advised me on how to get started on my new journey. I left; head up. My second visit was to attend a seminar run by Tony Difruscia, as mandated by a letter I received. What positive high energy he projects.  He spoke clearly and confidently about the tools you have to help me help myself.  He was empowering and optimistic. I was picked for the REA.  I left; head up.  My third visit was an Overview to training seminar I decided to attend. I do not want to elaborate on that visit at this time except to say that I admirably watched Tony & Linda greet folks like they were their friend's moms. My fourth visit was to start phase I of my REA.  Not a productive 1/2 for me, but I do not want to focus on that visit either. My fifth visit I had the good fortune of sitting with LuAnn Floyd, because after 22 years at one company and no degree, it seemed to me that training may be in order for me to get back in the game.  What a wonderful human being. Kind and empathetic. She gave me direction. I left; head up.  Today, I met Barron Brissett. So helpful and full of information. I left with "homework" to give my resume a facelift and a ton of leads to look into. I think it was 45 minutes of ME time. He made me feel, as did Linda, Luanne, & Tony, that he wanted to help ME succeed.  He interacted with me and we had a conversation. He did not talk at me.  In addition to my 22 years of customer service & HR, I also volunteer in a hospice program and at a homeless shelter. You can't teach what Linda, Tony, Luanne & Barron have.  They look at each person as a person.  They have not forgotten that even though they have been doing this forever their client is brand new to the system and doesn't know the ropes. They are not judgmental. They are genuinely kind to people who are down. You are very lucky to have them. I hope you have many more like them. Please share this email with them. I am sure none of you get enough kudos; people generally only write about bad experiences.

Sincerely, Vicky Sherwood


Dear Bryhn, Cindy, Judy, and Lillian,

I would like to thank all of you for helping me in finding employment. I appreciate all of your consultation during my time of transition. I know that my work search would have been much more difficult without the wonderful efforts of everyone at Valleyworks. I have never been in such a position of need before and  I am thankful for the information and experiences that you have all shared.  Thank you !!


Gifford Berry

Hello Lillian,

I'd like to start by thanking you for your help, support and guidance in our job search, but most importantly for your uplifting words that lifts our spirits during these tough times. You are wonderful at what you do, and I hope you will keep sharing your knowledge and spirit with others for many years to come.

I have attached my resume. I know you're very busy, therefore, I thank you in advance for taking some of your time to go over it. I look forward to your feedback and I hope I was able to apply correctly what we've learned.



Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for helping me with my job hunt. I applied for the most recent job posting that you sent to me, the about a coordinator of a  violence prevention program. I went to an interview a few weeks back and just got a letter offering me the job you are the first I told.

Thank you again


I just wanted to send a quick note about the exceptional service I received from Adbon Bran at a recent meeting I had with him. His suggestions on changes to my resume were obviously from an experienced and knowledgeable person. I made the suggested changes and found the resume to be much better received to the point that I was offered, and accepted, employment within one week of using the updated resume.

Please give Abdon my thanks for his professionalism and suggestions.

Larry Coombs

I have not found work but have been interviewing. I have been to the career center a bunch since the RES group review. I have found the beyond resume basics and the interviewing classes to be the best. I have also attended several of the networking events on Mondays as well.

Cindy Key has been an invaluable resource regarding my job search. She is very knowledgeable and explains things in a way for you to understand what will work best for your situation.

I appreciate the follow up as well as the calendar for May.

Brian Contona

I start a new job Monday.

I am sure that the workshops conducted by Lillian McGinty (resume, cover letters, job search, interviewing techniques, etc.) gave me the confidence to secure a position. I actually have 4 job offers at this time.

Thank you very much for all of the help.......I GREATLY appreciate it!!

Thanks again,

Bob Marinelli

30 April 2012

Lawrence Branch,

Department of Unemployment Assistance

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Dear Lawrence Branch,

I have had the misfortune of being unemployed for periods of time in 2004, 2007, 2010 and now. I have counted myself fortunate to have a walk-in office of the highest quality near my home.

Throughout the eight years I have had to visit your offices, every person I have had the pleasure of working with has been professional, fast and smart. This, I find, has always been a great help for me during my stressful and traumatic jobless periods.

I formally thank the office, every last one of you, for making a significant difference in my life because I have always felt confidence knowing you are there and have always been extremely helped upon leaving your offices!

Thank You,

Ralph Bledsoe, Med



I want to let you know I was offered a job Wednesday as Quality Manager at WNA Comet in Chelmsford. I have accepted the position and will be starting tomorrow. Thank you for all of your help in my getting my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt.  The education I received helped me get the job offer. Thanks for your time and effort.


Thank you for letting me know about QPS when I could not get into NSCC for Physical Therapy Assistant. I appreciate your time and support while I was looking to get into school.


Thanks for the helpful emails and thanks for getting me into TORQ It’s a good tool.

Thanks Again

Mark Derderian

Hi – my customer this morning wanted to express his thanks for the advice given during the CCS he attended.

Ron attended CCS on 5/30 given by a staff member and wanted to ensure that the staff member was recognized...he stated that she had discussed a few things that resonated with him, the first being the need for a resume. He stated that as a union electrician and prior to that having owned his own company, he never needed a resume, but now that he is approaching retirement age and considering other work, he took the advice and created a resume. He also stated that she advised customers to create a list of their goals so that they can establish a plan to meet those goals, Ron showed me his detailed "goal tracker" and stated that it has been very helpful in developing his retirement plan and the employment path that leads up to it. He was very appreciative of the services, information, advice, and most importantly, the positive "you can do it" attitude provided by Cheryl during the CCS.

LVER passed this message to Operations Manager.


How have you been? I hope you are doing well. As for myself, I have finally landed my dream job! All the months of hard work and networking have paid off. I will be starting my new career as a financial analyst with Raytheon, next Monday, August 20th. I took your great advice when you said I "need to be the CEO of my career". I started working at a software firm while I was unsure about my future with Raytheon and a month in I received an offer from Raytheon. I wish all the other networkers much success in their job search. I will try to stop by at the career center if I have some time this week.


Dear Arthur,

I would like thank you for the great work your group has done in helping me find qualified candidates for my operation. 

One of the most perplexing concerns I have is the conflict between my desire to grow my business and my fear of not be able to find qualified candidates to fill the positions.  Without the help of your organization I don’t think I would be as successful as I am today.  Valley works has provided great support by locating and screening candidates for our OJT program as well as our Veteran hiring initiative.  The new OJT contracts have been very easy to administer with the help of your staff.

I believe that it is extremely important to the health of our economy to maintain this close relationship you have with local area businesses.  There really isn’t anywhere else for us to go for this type of personal assistance.  From the candidates perspective I am sure they find the assistance invaluable to their livelihoods.

Thanks again,

Michael J. Munday

In October 2011, I reached out to Chuck Masaitis at ValleyWorks Career Center in Haverhill; in September 2011, I reached out to Sally Regan at the Career Center of Lowell; and in December 2011 I reached out to Gail Oliveri at ValleyWorks in Lawrence, to post job opportunities.  My experience with each of them has been extremely positive.  Chuck, Sally and Gail have always been very professional, pleasant to work with, and responsive.   Once I became aware that all of the Career Centers in MA were connected, my contact has been primarily with Gail Oliveri. 

Gail has been a lifesaver at times when my work schedule didn’t allow time for me to post job openings quickly myself.  Gail has graciously offered to post the job opportunities the same day, if not within 1-2 hours, and has even gone a step above to take the time to understand the needs of my company and recommend candidates for each position.  We receive many responses from candidates through JobQuest/MA Career Centers, and have interviewed and extended offers to several candidates as a result. 

I have always found Gail to be very responsive and positive.  She follows up with me regularly, keeps me informed of job fairs, and has gone above and beyond to provide me with helpful information, as well as putting me in touch with the appropriate contacts with regards to the Grant programs available.  She has also taken the time to provide information to me on each of these programs.  In June 2012, I visited Gail at ValleyWorks in Lawrence to get a tour of the facility.  We also spent time discussing my company’s needs, current available job opportunities, as well as the WOTC and OJT Programs. 

In March 2012 I attended a Workforce Training Program Seminar that explained all of the various Grant programs available.  I was not previously aware that such programs existed, prior to making a connection with Gail.  In May 2012 Mike Corcoran came to my office to further explain some of the programs and to help me determine which programs my company would be eligible and best suited for.  He was thorough, pleasant, engaging, informative, and someone who genuinely appears to enjoy his job.  He is a fantastic representative and advocate for your agency. 

In May 2012 I attended the UMASS Lowell job fair.  In June 2012, we extended an offer to a candidate for a Collections Specialist position, which was accepted.  Because this new hire was a Veteran, we were eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program grant.

I have found the services provided by the Career Centers/JobQuest, as well as all the staff whom I have come to know, to be a valuable resource for my company.

Thank you and best regards,

 Brandi E. Robinson


Dear Mr. McLeod;

September 18, 2012

l am writing today to express our appreciation to you and your Career Center. We have always been impressed with the skills, discipline and team effort your applicants can bring to the workplace. You listen to our needs and match up applicants for us to review with great skill. We were also able to use your conference room for multiple interviews one day last year. Our first hire from your center was in December 2011 and our second was in June 2012. In the past we tried other means of recruiting new employees and we were directed to people that did not meet our needs at all.  Our company sells, installs and maintains digital recorders that are used in 9-1-1 Centers. We need employees that are self-motivated and mature to work with in the Public Safety environment.  As an employer who wanted to hire only Veterans for a special project contract we were amazed at how quickly we could fill this position using your Career Center.  We would highly recommend any employer to use your services and you may have potential clients call me to confirm our endorsement of your office. Your career centers are vital to our business.


Kathleen Redlund

Dear Susan,
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone in your organization for the wonderful experience we at Morgan Scientific, Inc. had in our recent addition of James Hau. We are a small company that would not have been able to add additional staff without this program.

The program was very helpful in key areas:

1. The program encouraged us to structure our training program in a way that we had never done so before. In the past when we hired someone, we trained the individual in the specific area that he or she were going to work and perhaps neglected aspects of the science behind our product. While they were able to perform their tasks adequately, they lacked a depth of knowledge that expands understanding. Being guided by your program with assistance in time and salary relief enabled us to drastically improve our training procedures and in so doing, gain a superior employee.

2. Being a small company without a Human Resources Department, makes identifying suitable candidates for positions very difficult. Trying to find the right medium to advertise the job, screen many applicants and then set up interviews is very time consuming. Susan presented us with a number of highly qualified candidates that fit
all of our criteria. Indeed the selection of candidates was so suitable that we in fact hired two individuals rather than just one!

3. The reporting mechanism for this program was not overly excessive which was much appreciated. It seems we are increasingly faced with odious regulatory and reporting demands, but not so with this program! The process of radically upgrading and formalizing our training procedures helped make the reporting requirements very

We would like to thank you for all of your efforts in helping us participate in this grant and guiding us through the process. You were a true professional and a credit to our State. Please feel free to use us as a reference, we would be more than happy to speak to any companies that have questions.

We truly hope that this program continues and that many other small companies take
advantage of the benefits it brings.

Yours sincerely,
Morgan Scientific, Inc.
Michael J. Callahan
Business Development Manager


I asked Elaine to please forward your email address to me so I may contact you. I was contacted as a recipient for a Grant to continue schooling, and was assigned Elaine as my liaison. Her outstanding, patient attitude along with her ability to process my forms in a fast manner impressed me. From scheduling my TABE test at the last minute to getting me enrolled into NETTTS and processing all of my questions has been a pleasure to deal with.
I wanted you to know this, and I hope that she is recognized for superior customer service. As far as I am concerned she has gone above and beyond her expectations. Below, is a copy of the thread of emails we had been communicating since classes started.

Much Thanks,
Mike Trapan

Good Evening, Lynda;
The answer to all of the survey questions is Very Satisfied. I cannot say enough about the staff and services at Valley Works Career Center. The skills I learned from Networking For Professionals, as well as the courses I attended, gave me an advantage in my job search which led to an offer being made for the position I now hold. THANK YOU! Cathleen

Elaine Stapinksi was absolutely fabulous as a career counselor and I would recommend her to anyone that needed assistance. Her follow-through was exceptional and I felt that she really cared about my finding a job. Super person.

I do want you to know that I couldn't have asked for a better counselor than Tony Abate!!  He went above and beyond helping me with going to school and then the job search process!  I know he had more than ample clients, appointments and other things to do, but he always took time out to help me whenever I needed it.  I understand that as of the end of 2012 he has retired, but again, I'm so thankful that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with him, and I hope everyone else who uses your services is as lucky as I was!

Thanks, Marian Hefron.

Hi Arthur, I wanted to give my compliments to your customer service. I have had to contact and deal with multiple times your staff, specifically LouAnne Cloyd. She is very polite, and professional. I've come to her with so many requests and she has always been more than willing to help. With a fast response time and going above and beyond her necessary duties, she is a joy to work with. I appreciate the things that your company has done for mine thus far, I look forward to needing your services further and will be contacting LouAnne specifically due to her great work performance. I thank you for your time and again for your great employees.

Crystal Spohn

Wentworth Truck And Trailer Repair

89 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832

Dear Mr. Chilingirian,

Please forgive the delay in responding to you email, as I have been intensely concentrating on the new career that has been provided to me as well as the opportunity to enroll at Northern Essex Community College for further education.  The programs that are offered by the Valleyworks Career Center have been an invaluable assistance to me. These programs can work for all those who are willing to take advantage of the potential for what is being offered.  Please feel free to use  my letter of recommendation for any individual who felt as I once did. That the doors of opportunities were closed, but through the diligent assistance of all the individuals at the Valley;

It is with great pleasure that I am informing you that I have been offered full-time position with Metrigraphics, 50 Concord Rd, Wilmington, MA effective 12 Aug 2013. My work schedule will be 3:30PM to 12:30AM, Mon-Thu and 10AM to 2:00PM on Friday. The starting salary is $13.20 per hour.

At this time I would like to thank you for your positive attitude when I had been rejected for entry into the LARE program, your encouragement for me to continue to try (which I completed June 28, 2013), and your constant follow ups on my progress that helped me to continue when I felt that I was not going to pass.

In less than 5 months you have assisted me in going from the verge of bankruptcy to being not only gainfully employed but also to be in a position to start a new career.

While many people have their doubts about the help that individuals in your position provide, I can say that I am grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to me.

Thank you for everything



Sorry I didn't get the opportunity to connect with you today at the event but I wanted to let you know that I think you and the team put on a great event.  I was able to speak with 4 of the 5 companies that I wanted to speak with and learn, leave resume and set for a follow up. 

Thank you for putting this wonderful event together.

Kind Regards,
Jeff Rice


Actually, Chuck, this posting is right on target with my background and skills and I'd be on this one in a heartbeat.  But, even better, I just finished my fourth week of employment and all is going well.  Thank you for sending out these notices, and the job fair ones as well.  Valley Works is a great place and every time I've been there people were always awesome and want to help you succeed.  You all must feel quite proud to be doing something so worthwhile.  Much appreciated. 


Take care,

Ruth E. Cleary



Mr. Chilingirian,


By all means, please do.  If I'd known there was the possibility of being published I'd have been more prolific; so, lucky for you, I wasn't aware ahead of time.  I was just saying honestly (and succinctly because, as suggested earlier, I can gush a lot more if need be) how great it was having such a professional group that I could count on to fill in all the blanks - and there were so many, but your group always got me through them.


Actually, I was so impressed by the level of service I received, one of the questions I asked after my first couple of weeks coming to ValleyWorks was "So, are you guys hiring by any chance?".  Because it would be a place I'd like to work also.  Glad you all enjoy it.  Helping people must help you smile at the end of your day.  Thank you again.  All of you.  Front desk, computer folks, directions given, unemployment benefits area, trainers, people emailing about job fairs and opportunities, classes and ideas shared, networking, updated information on the board, people calling at intervals to see how things are going, the list goes on - but I'll stop.


Take care,

Ruth E. Cleary



Overall, I found Valley Works Career Center to be an incredible job search resource. All the staff that I interacted with were courteous, respectful, and very knowledgeable.


I had the privilege to work with Carolina Prinzivalli.  Although Carolina works with many people, I felt as though I was her main concern.  She was instrumental with helping me to set up contacts with educational opportunities, and job search advice.  Carolina was always in touch with me with updates and information.


I eventually found employment through a network contact, but I have no doubt I would have found gainful employment through the Career Center.  I will, and I have, recommend the Career Center to anyone looking for work.


Thank You Very Much,

Ronald Lariviere                                                                                                                                           



Hello Arthur,


I just wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you for putting together an exceptional On-the-Job training program through Valley Works.  We recently had an individual come through this program and it could not have happened without your support.  As a small manufacturer, we continue to struggle to find skilled machinists to help continue and grow our business.  The Valley Works program simply works and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to fill this skills gap.  The exceptional service by Susan Ingham and the rest of the Valley Works staff was “Top shelf”.  The Grant program is essential to the continued growth of manufacturing in Massachusetts, and anything I can do to help support that please let me know. 


Best regards,

Adam Hoeker


Custom Automatic Machined Products, LLC


Just want to send a quick note to let you know what a good job the Career Center in Haverhill is doing. I was able to go to Northern Essex Community College and work with the staff there for the past year.

I found all the staff professional and courteous in a time when most of their clients are having a difficult time. I had Elaine Stapinski and she kept me going whether it was getting my resume out to possible jobs or getting me the training I would need to get a job. 

Previous to my Layoff, I was employed for a long time an it is good to know that our taxpayers money is being used to work with people to get them employed again. Elaine kept me focused on getting back to work.

Jim DiMento


Youth Testimonials:


The remaining members of 2013 YouthWorks Program have been a pleasure to have here at J & M. They arrived knowing what was expected and eager to learn. They got along great with my staff and with each other. They are gentlemen, respectful of each. To watch them you'd think they were best friends for years not a few weeks. Having them work side by side with Jerson Bastusti , a past YouthWorks member who now works at J & M while he attends college, was a big plus. After the summer I'm hoping that another past YouthWorks member's schedule allows him to return to J & M. If my labor requirement increases I will be drawing from these YouthWorks member. It's a great program and I've enjoyed being part of it.

Michael DiResta

J & M Industries LLC
300 Canal Street
Lawrence, MA 01840
978-689-2902 fax

Great program for our youth in the city.  Glad to have the summer help and look forward to working with this program next year.

Luis A Gonzalez

Bartlett School, Haverhill, MA

August 23, 2013

This is the first year that my company which is DairyQueen, 190 South Union Street, Lawrence, Ma. has worked with Valley Works. I cannot express my amazement on how professional this organization is. Susan the women which was my contact person was wonderful, she was professional, pleasant, answered all of my questions, checked in with me on a regular basis and returned my phone calls immediately.

The young man Frank who was assigned to me came to work consistently and on time, dressed appropriately, followed directions, asked to learn new task, dealt with customers In a pleasant manner.

My place of business is in an economically challenged location, my employees, primarily teenagers work to help their families to have food on the table. I have decided to hire Frank as a permanent employee, being confident he will be a valued asset to my company.. I also hope in the future to work with Valley Works.

Cheryl Stanuchenski


August 22, 2013

This is my second time doing Valley Works.  I worked my first time at the Guilmette moving furniture and cleaning.  This time I worked at Dairy Queen and I enjoyed it a lot.  Cheryl and Wayne (the owners) are really good at what they do.  They both taught me how to do things I have never known before.  I do things like making ice cream cones and Sundae's and Royal Treats.  It was very easy for me to get to know the staff, mainly because I know most of them already.  I'm really happy at the fact that Cheryl has decided to permanently hire me.  Things have been going along great!  Cheryl says she's going to train me more and teach me how to properly clean things.  She says it will lead me into marrying a modern woman.

Frank Rosario

Dairy Queen, Lawrence

2013 Summer YouthWorks Program Testimonial: Lawrence Community Connections

Having the youth from the Summer Jobs program this year was once again a pleasure. The group of students sent this year were hard working and driven to accomplish whatever task was put in front of them. They received very good reports from their job sites and supervisors were pleased with the work they were doing. This program is a great opportunity for these youth to experience the work field and have the experience gained as a great component on their resumes.

August 27, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

Career Resources Corporation has partnered Valley Works Summer Youth Program for many years. CRC has benefited greatly from the youth the Summer Program has provided. The high school students help CRC fill in for the many staff vacationing as well as bring an energy to our company the truly benefits the individuals with disabilities we serve. Students in turn gain valuable work experience and are introduced to the human service job market. In addition to experience, interns get a paycheck and learn to budget and use their money wisely. It is easily a win-win situation for both parties and CRC looks forward to a continued partnership with the Valley Works Summer Youth Program for years to come.

Many Thanks,

Michael Sicard
Director of Day Habilitation

Career Resources Corp.


Career Resources is a great learning experience.  Each individual helps you learn things about life.  They help you realize how luck you are to have the life you're given.  Also it's a great place to work because you develop personal relationships with each one of them.  I loved the experience and I hope to be able to do this again.

Emil Mills

Career Resources, Haverhill, MA

The job I picked was Career Resources.  It's a great job and it's fun to help out with the clients, they are adorable.  I want to work here again next summer, it has been a good experience learning about different disabilities and watching everyone having a good time.  I also had experience with the handicap because my uncle and brother are!  I love working at Career Resources Corporation.  It was the best job experience ever.

Dawn Loring

Career Resources, Haverhill, MA

August 30, 2013

Dear Susan Ingham,

Once again, I wish to thank you for another fabulous summer of Youth Workers. I believe this is our sixth or seventh year as a work site and I continue to enjoy the experience.

I truly love teaching valuable workplace ethics, responsibilities and routines to youth workers. Seeing the improvement in the quality of work from day one throughout the summer is a joy. It was difficult to say good-bye today as unfortunately, this year my budget is tight and I will not be hiring any of this summer’s youth. However, if a vacancy occurs I will call each of them for an interview.

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but I have hired three Summer Youth Workers after they completed a summer at my site. One is still here part time while he pursues his PHD in Chemistry. Another took the summer off as he was hired by a for profit company, in his trade, carpentry, for $5.00 more an hour than I am able to pay him. He is coming back next week to work for us, as he is a senior at Whittier Vocational High School. I believe he was able to land such a lucrative summer job due to his training as a Summer Youth Worker. The third Youth is still working at our afternoon and summer Youth Program.

Your program in collaboration with worksites such as mine is such a value to today’s youth. I find youth today have little direction from their parents and the school systems are so overwhelmed there is little time and manpower to offer much assistance.

Learning the basics of working such as being punctual, dress code, work place rules and policies, routines are such a plus to help these youth get a job. The skills they learn at my site include; envelope labeling, envelope stuffing, computer use, copying, working with children and janitorial duties. The work place basics, along with the individual job skills taught by each employer, makes this a wonderful program.

I look forward to next year! Thank you again for a wonderful summer and fantastic Youth.


Cheryll Capodilupo

Project Coordinator, PGNA

The Arc of Greater Haverhill-Newburyport has been privileged to be a Host Employer for the Youth Program Department of the Valley Works Career Center for the past four years.  We have had four student workers.  It has been a rewarding experience knowing all of them.


A shining example of the success of this program is Bianca Gill who came to us during the summer of 2010 when she was going into her sophomore year of Whittier Vocational Technical High School.


Bianca's maturity, good humor, responsibility and advanced skill set made her an immediate asset to The Arc.


After graduating this summer, Bianca accepted a full-time position with us. 


She has been recognized with a merit scholarship and this fall has begun her education at Northern Essex Community College. 


With the demands of Bianca's education she has cut her work week at The Arc to four days and has been received a well-deserved promotion to Administrative Assistant.


It is my pleasure to be her supervisor.


Eileen Woelfel, Executive Supervisor

The Arc of Greater Haverhill-Newburyport, Inc

57 Wingate Street, Suite 301

Haverhill, MA 01832

Customer Testimonials:

Paul K

Thea Gove

Jan Friel
Kathleen Martin

Bruce Buck

Carmine Minicucci

Heather M. Lowe

Jackie Yang

Lucas G. Restituyo

Jeffrey Salerno
Greg Mills - Owner - Mills Machine Works, Inc.